"EAST" follows a day in the life of three teenagers from East Helena, Montana, in a story about a sense of place, hard times, and the bonds of friendship. The film was written and filmed over the course of a few workshops in 2019, with a crew of young artists, many of whom had never written script, operated camera, audio equipment, or acted. The results are an amazing testament to their talent and commitment. The film was made possible by the generous support of the Greater Montana Foundation and ArtPlace America. Other supporters include the East Helena Food/Culture Hub, the Treacy Foundation, and the Browning Kimball Foundation.

The MAPS Media Lab puts the power of media arts into the hands of youth around Montana, and gives them the tools to find their voice and tell their own stories. We provide our programs – film, design, technology, and music – to communities that have little or no access to the media arts. MAPS Media Lab works with communities to design programs that fit their unique needs, ranging from short intensive workshops to multi-week projects.

MAPS Media Lab plants the seeds that lead to success. Students develop the skills necessary to plan and implement their creative journey. Our programs are designed to have fully-realized professional outcomes. Projects often have real-world implications, such as addressing a social issue or promoting a positive program in the community. We enable students to use the media arts to tap into their innate creativity and to empower communities to work towards positive change.


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